Rose and Ravine first market picture

Inspired by Place: Meet Founder Lee Pepper

After months of slowly working to relaunch my shop, I’m so glad to be able to share this, my little offering, Rose & Ravine.  

I began making candles years ago because I got so frustrated that I could never find the unique scents I craved at a reasonable price. I wanted a simply designed vessel with a fantastic scent for less than $40. It was impossible to find! In early 2017, I set out just making candles for myself and for friends and family as the occasional gift. Over time I honed in on the methods to get the most out of each candle. Deceptively simple, candle making scratched my Virgo itch for precision and attention to detail. 

Soap came a little more slowly. I was so intimidated by the process. I researched: read books, joined forums, watched tutorials, but never made any soap. In 2018 my dear friend, Kaity, brought me to the Spirit Weavers gathering in Oregon. After months of daydreaming about soapmaking, I was thrilled to find one of the course offerings at the gathering was making soap. Our “instructor”, a woman from Brazil named Fabi, sat outside with us and showed us an approachable path to this ancient craft for the modern day. Inspired, as soon as I got home, I went to work. My mom joined me and we began to make soaps together. Soapmaking is one of my favorite activities. I love crafting recipes, drawing inspiration from herbs, botanicals, clays, and essential oils 

A few months later, Bouquet Botanicals was born! My tea maven and herbalist friend Rachel and I worked for a few years on building and refining Bouquet. We loved our little Bouquet baby! In the picture here you can see Rachel, me, and my mom at one of our first markets. Eventually, the time came for us to lay Bouquet down in order to maintain balance in our lives.  

Cut to 2022/2023: I’m a new mom, staying at home, struggling with my mental health and desperate to find myself again. A small voice in my head suggested, “what about Bouquet?” And here we are! After months of dusting off the cobwebs, relying on the amazing support from my family and friends, Rose & Ravine has come to fruition. 

I’m nervous and excited to offer my creations to you. I hope they bring you comfort and inspiration. Love, intention, and lots of thought went into each and every item. I hope you can feel that.  

More soon! xoxo