Botanical Candles and Soaps - Rose and Ravine

Handcrafted, small batch botanical soaps & candles.

Soothing and grounding
Nourishing and exfoliating
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Fresh and invigorating
Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Incense
Matcha, Bergamot, Cream
Tomato Leaf, Basil, Lemon
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Nourishing rituals to calm and inspire

Our small batch handmade soaps are crafted from floral, herbal and vegetal botanicals grown in our gardens in Clintonville, Ohio.

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Bring presence to your space

Our candles are formulated to calm and inspire the senses using only the safest ingredients.

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Lee Pepper, Owner Rose & Ravine

Inspired by place.

Nestled between the ravines and famous rose garden of Clintonville in Columbus Ohio, our products draw inspiration from the quiet beauty that surrounds us.

Every handcrafted batch is made to soothe and remind us all to relish the ceremony of the everyday.

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